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Lush Landscape Renovations

Trust the team at Vinings Landscape Group, Inc. for all your lawn maintenance needs in the Vinings, Georgia, area.
We specialize in landscape renovations and design, and we want to create a beautiful space for you.

When you look out your window, what do you see? Do you dream of a lush, beautiful garden, professionally planned and landscaped? Turn to us at Vinings Landscape Group, Inc. We specialize in lawn maintenance and design services for residential and commercial properties. Add aesthetic appeal with hardscape services, like building a retaining wall or a paved walkway. If you are having drainage problems, turn to us for solutions. In addition, we offer waterproofing services, outdoor lighting installations, and seasonal color and flower bed planting.

Who We Service

Enjoy every season in your new garden, whether you own a single family home or you live in a residential community. Our team is experienced in collaborating with homeowners' associations and municipalities, and we design gardens for corporate campuses and industrial complexes.

Landscape Design

An impressive lawn or garden includes architectural elements in its design. When you work with our team, you'll receive an architectural plan so you can visualize your beautiful new garden. We work with several top local landscape designers, and no matter what kind of property you own or what stage of construction it's in, our design group will create a plan for you.

Digital Plan

Is your current garden uninspired? We will import images of your existing flower beds into our landscape design program and show you what it will look like after our renovations. Once a new digital color image is created, we email you the final plan for your review and adjustments. There is no charge for this service. Since some larger projects require several changes and approvals, a fee may be incurred for this service. If we do the installing, the fee is waived.

Before and After Lawn